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Ankabit is a company specializing in high quality web design, development & search engine optimization (SEO). It was founded in 2018, after 6 years of hard work and experience, by Madandola Hammed, who set out on this journey aiming to offer his clients in various part of the world, a complete range of services that would ensure a unique web presence, through the combined use of primary development, unique design and effective search engine optimization. Likewise, implementation of innovative ideas to Sofware (mobile and desktop) and development of scalable Software as a Service (SaaS).

Having noticed the rapid and opportunistic approach to the needs of each business up to that point, Ankabit was established in order to design and develop each and every new project from scratch –a project that would be based on the actual needs of the clients and would give unique solutions when dealing with every new challenge. We however also engage in modification of your existing code to make it better and scalable.

From its very outset, Ankabit has been caught up in the development and implementation of its expertise and know-how at both web planning and developing, as well as promotion stages, via the search engines of the web.  

The course and the ongoing development of the Internet has found the company introducing web promotion services via Social Media, as well as via the Google AdWords platform, thus offering a more integrated package of web advertising.  

Promotional bulk E-mail and SMS have also been added to the above services, further helping the company meet its goal, which is to attract more and more clients to the websites it has developed.

What the Internet needs, though, is not only the know-how. Equally significant is the content that a business features and projects. Thus, Ankabit offers copywriting, translation/transcreation services by specialized and experienced professionals, who ensure that your marketing or sales communication will convey the same message no matter what nationality your target audience is, so that the visitor can effectively evaluate the products and services your business offers.

The growing demand for graphic design and Video/Audio presentation – advertising services were the springboard for us to create the relative departments and staff them with experienced and qualified professionals.

Finally, the fundamental sectors of Web Hosting, Domain names and Online Data Publication complete the range of services Ankabit offers its clients. We are always eager to foster development and innovation and we do not stop looking forward to any future challenges.