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E-mail / SMS marketing

Direct contact with your potential clients!
E-mail marketing is the most inexpensive way to approach potential or current customers.  A business can be advertised through sending promotional bulk e-mail to a huge number of people who are potential buyers.

Ankabit offers a number of techniques, always in line with the trends of Internet which bring out the desired result. There is continuous updating and implementation of the latest techniques and international standards, for the best and most qualitative results. Ankabit monitors the e-mail campaigns through every stage, from the design to the final e-mail sending.

Thus, the result is to attract more quality visitors to the business website, which is actually a major advantage over other competing websites. The main advantage is that we achieve a targeted strategic investment, with no waste of money. In Ankabit, particular attention is therefore being paid to proper and profitable promotion.

In short, when it comes to e-mail marketing, Ankabit offers:
  • A reasonable budget choice
  • Analysis of potential customers and needs
  • E-mail design
  • Provision of statistical information
Besides e-mail marketing, Ankabit promotes business advertising via SMS, another inexpensive way of communication between a company and its current and potential clientele.