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Web design

No more Website Templates

Web Design is the first step in the website development process. It is one of the key factors, if not the most important one, for the success of the website. Web Design uses many key visual elements such as colors, shapes, layout, fonts, generally the overall graphical structure of a website.

In collaboration with the client concerned, Ankabit designs a website according to the actual needs of each project. We start with brainstorming the site at large and mapping everything out from scratch on a paper. Ankabit doesn't use pre-made visual works or former copy drafts. Ankabit keeps trying to get the best result based on the new trends and styles of the Internet, in connection with the activity field of each business.

It is a decisive factor for attracting more new visitors and engaging more users who will spend more time on the client’s website, as first impressions count the most. Particular emphasis is given to each project’s aesthetic appeal so as to ensure a strong impact on the online visitors.

In summary, when it comes to Web Design, Ankabit offers:
  • Uniqueness in designs
  • Cutting-edge graphics
  • Organized structure for simple navigation
  • Advertising banners
  • Computer animation