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Web development

No more ready-to-use platforms

After the initial planning, Web Development is the first step that brings a website to life. The designs and the inter-active graphics become active. Web development includes buttons, links, forms, the overall functionality of interactive features.

A key feature of Ankabit is the real know-how. Open source programs, ready-to-use applications and templates, either modified or processed, have no place in our company except required by client.  What we offer is custom-made, with a view to fully meeting the needs of our clients and with their main feature being the quality and functionality of the projects delivered.

The cutting-edge technology used encourages visitors to remain on the website, making navigation simple, even for amateur web users.

In summary, when it comes to Web Development, Ankabit offers:
  • Simple and easy navigation
  • Web Page Download Speed
  • Future upgrade possibility
  • Modern effects
  • Safety
  • Compatibility with search engines