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Responsive Web Design

Adaption to all devices

Ankabit suggests that all websites should be developed according to Responsive Web Design (RWD).
But what exactly does RWD mean?

Apart from computers, new devices with access to the Internet are being developed every day, such as mobile phones (smart phones) and tablets, thus new needs are created in the field of Web design and development.

Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests techniques should be developed that would help the website adjust to the screen size and device where it is being displayed in real time.

This adjustment takes place in all the website components: photos, backgrounds, fonts, even the layout of the webpage!

The most important thing is that the adaption is done dynamically, “on the fly”, with no need for the website to upload once again. So, any change in the screen size is being viewed by the user immediately.

The result is that whenever a user decides to navigate within a website that uses Responsive Web Design technology, the website will automatically switch to accommodate to the user's screen, whatever device they use, without requiring any side scroll to access the whole content.