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B2B stores

Sell to your partners without your physical presence!
E-shops are the most inexpensive and qualitative way to reach customers and increase your sales. Now this path can be followed by wholesale businesses, reducing the order time and the number of people that work in this field.

Ankabit undertakes the design, development and maintenance of online store/e-shop B2B websites. It offers a range of options and features that make it the most comprehensive platform.
  • Product management
  • Price management
  • Product bulk management directly from the ERP of the traditional store
  • Online payment (credit card, PayPal, etc.)
  • E- Coupons
  • Introduction of offers
  • Transport cost calculation
  • Favorite products list (Wishlist)
  • Purchase History
Thus, we offer a fully functional, easy-to-manage system, with direct display and management of orders.

With its own e-shop B2B platform, Ankabit helps commercial enterprises to increase their profitability, expand their potential clientele and consolidate their position on the Internet.