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Vision & principles

Unique services
The vision of Ankabit is the ultimate foundation for the present and the future of the company. Our main goal is the constant upgrading and improvement of our services.

Ankabit’s primary principle is the uniqueness of services for each and every client. The principle of primary, custom-made development of services and applications is non-negotiable. We do not take into account former projects and we do not use pre-made templates or platforms (Joomla, WordPress, etc.) expect requested by client, so that the client can make the most of the choices Ankabit offers and, as a result, save valuable time and effort. In other words, it is not the client that adapts to Ankabit’s capabilities; it is Ankabit that adjusts to their own, actual needs.

Co-operation with no expiration date
After the implementation and delivery of every project, a constant effort is made by the company to ensure that the applications and services rendered continue to uphold the successful web-presence of the business. When the increase in the performance of these services and the profits of our clients is constant, there is even more reason for us to be satisfied. A project does not end upon its delivery; ongoing monitoring and consultative suggestions or active interventions are imminent, if necessary.

Speed, quality, value for money
Our objective in Ankabit is to combine speed in project completion with high quality in implementation –all in a full package of quality and price.

Our first concern -the actual needs of the clients
Ankabit listens to your actual needs and prepares a plan based on them, with no unnecessary services proposed. The result of each project is the outcome of the cooperation of both sides. Nothing is wasted. Whatever we do, we do it for a specific reason and no unnecessary services are provided. The company offers what actually meets the needs of the client.