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Sell without your physical presence!
The most inexpensive and qualitative way to reach customers and increase your sales is an online store/e-shop. The advantages of an e-shop when compared to a traditional store are encouraging more and more entrepreneurs to resort to this way of sales.

Ankabit undertakes the design, development and maintenance of online store/e-shop websites. It offers a range of options and features that make it the most comprehensive platform.
  • Product management
  • Price management
  • Product bulk management directly from the ERP of the traditional store
  • Online payment (credit card, PayPal, etc.)
  • E- Coupons
  • Introduction of offers
  • Transport cost calculation
  • Favorite products list (Wishlist)
  • Purchase History
  • Interface with price comparison engines
Thus, we offer a fully functional, easy-to-manage system, with direct display and management of orders, as well as with the general course of the store on the Internet.

With its own e-shop platform, Ankabit helps commercial enterprises to increase their profitability, expand their potential clientele and consolidate their position on the Internet.